About Us

Who are W.A. Farm Supplies Ltd?

We are a non profit-making farmers’ buying group which was founded in 1963 to serve local farmers and growers. The Group is run by a Board of Directors and two part-time staff members: Mrs Alison Wynn, Group Secretary and Mrs Monica Harding, Group Book-Keeper.

What do W.A. Farm Supplies do?

W.A.F.S. acts on behalf of farmers and growers to secure preferential terms and discounts, giving Members a trading account with some 200 suppliers. We act as an administration office receiving invoices on behalf of our Members from all the suppliers that they have used in the current month. Our Members can pay all their suppliers by one on-line payment or cheque per month to the Group Office, thus saving time and money.

What can I buy through W.A. Farm Supplies?

– Fuel and oil

– Tyres and batteries

– Agricultural repairs and servicing

– Animal feed, minerals and healthcare

– Veterinary services

– Fertiliser, chemicals, lime and seed

– Concrete and aggregates

– Building and electrical supplies

– Waste disposal and pest control

– Clothing

– Stationery and office equipment

How do Members obtain goods?

All of our suppliers have an up to date list of members. Members approach suppliers direct to obtain goods or request services. There are some exceptions to this such as fuel orders which are placed through the Group Office, prices change daily and we will source the cheapest for you. Commodities such as fertiliser and concrete are also dealt with in the Group Office in order that we can save our members time and money by obtaining quotes from our range of suppliers. Members must give their name to suppliers in order that invoices, when sent to the Group Office can be allocated to the correct Member.

Who can join W.A. Farm Supplies?

Membership is limited to bona fide farmers or growers or fully paid up members of the N.F.U.

How can I join?

Potential members should be proposed by a current Board Member and seconded by a further Member. Initial enquiries should be made to the Group Office via the contact page.

What will it cost me?

When a new Member joins the Group they pay a one-off membership fee of £10. there is no annual subscription. We than charge £10 per month for the first six months of trading, the remaining months left of the financial year will be assessed on the first six months trading. Thereafter members are charged a monthly group charge to cover the office running costs, based on their previous year’s turnover.

How do Members pay their accounts?

Invoices, once received by the Group Office are processed monthly. Members receive the original invoices, with no added commission charges and all discounts passed directly on to the Member, together with an accompanying statement. Accounts are sent out on the 10th of the month or next working day and must be settled by the 20th of the month. 

What are the benefits of becoming a Member?

– Group discounts and preferential terms.

– Discounts through bulk orders of fertiliser.

– Access to some 200 suppliers of goods and services.

– Group Dairy Rations at competitive rates, regularly analysed by an independent laboratory.

– An optional alliance with Crop Advisors who source the cheapest suppliers of fertiliser, chemicals and seed.

– A saving in time and money, the Group will source cheapest quotes for its members.

– Only one monthly payment required to cover all purchases.

Where is the registered office?

Henwood House, Henwood, Ashford, Kent. TN24 8DH

How can I contact you?

Telephone: 01622 890835

Email: office@wafarmsupplies.co.uk